Songs For The Living Archetypes


Having worked with the Living Archetypes for over 20 years now, and realising the sheer power of this technology, the idea came to me to create an album of music that would enhance the Archetypal experience. Bringing your inner Sovereigns, Warriors, Lovers and Magicians into balance when you listen to the music. 

The outcome is a CD of 4 powerful songs - 40 minutes of Archetypal balancing, inner strengthening and healing, to enjoy over and over again. 

This is medicine music that wakes up your Living Archetypes. It evokes their qualities and brings them into balance. Each Archetype has specific qualities, and when it is fully functioning, your life experience is heightened. You become more conscious in your everyday life. And when the Living Archetypes work in concert as a team, your life transforms and stays on track with your purpose. 

Each song puts into music the essential qualities of one of the 4 Living Archetypes: Warrior, Magician, Lover and Sovereign. By the end of the album you will feel transformed, refreshed, and totally in the zone. 

- Edwin Coppard