"Edwin's presentation at my Inner Circle Event in LA was excellent. He managed to bring together 50 powerful CEOs getting them out of their comfort zone and having a great deal of fun. The music was great and something we all need".                             - Mark Victor Hansen, Author "Chicken Soup For The Soul".

Build confidence as a public speaker
Elevate communication and presentation skills
Enhance collaboration and creativity
Develop team unity and authenticity
Generate energy and have fun

Transform Your Event

Global pioneers in the field of the voice, Edwin and his wife, Cheryl, have developed their own technologies that balance body, mind, heart, and soul through the use of one's voice. Guided by 30 years of experience, they've witnessed how singing together creates a deeper sense of self and community. Edwin has traveled the world using these innovative techniques to help sales professionals, managers, speakers, teachers, and leaders harness the power of their voice and instill immediate confidence in their audience. His work not only enlivens creativity, it awakens a natural sense of teamwork. Edwin will transform your meeting or conference, bringing clarity, energy, and confidence to your team while having FUN and increasing productivity.

"Singing brings everyone together, makes them HAPPIER and generates energy. Edwin is the best in the world at getting people to sing instantly, naturallyā€¯.      - Anthony Robbins, World Renown Results Coach